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Congratulations on your purchase of IBOXQ ® Smart Storage Solution - storage box

You now own a top quality product which should be at its best service for years.
Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures reliability and satisfaction of our products.

Below are instructions to help you to set up the combination lock.

When assembling the box follow the instructions below.
Please, do not put anything in the box until you are confident that you have completed the set up of your combination lock.

To set your security code:
1. Ensure 4 digits read 0000.
2. Move the latch (at the back of the lock inside the box) to position A.
3. With box lid open - dial your desired 4 digit locking number. This will be your security code! Save this number if you wish to make sure that in case you forget it you will still be able to open your box.
4. Now move the latch back to position B. Your 4 digit security code is set!
5. To lock your IBOXQ box – close the lid and scramble the 4 digit locking number. Now your box is locked!
6. To open your IBOXQ box – simply dial your chosen security code.

To change your security code:

1. With the lid open - move the latch again to position A.
2. Dial the 4 digits of your desired new security code.
3. Now move the latch back to position B.

Your new security code is ready to use!